The current semester program is based on acquiring some public speaking skills essantially in Business. It is intended to help everyone wishing to speak in public a student to his pairs, colleagues or an audiance in a conference.

The courses provide guidelines and tips on preparing and organizing a successful oral presentation in English which is practical to anyother language including many topics such as : The CV Presentation for a computer engineer profile, participating and organizing a Job Interview (A Tech Interview), running and organizing a Job meeting (for solving a technical issue),…etc. All topics of different activities will cover the Computer Science decipline.

In the context of acquiring writing skills, some courses are designed to provide techniques for writing an effective Résumé, cover letter and portfolio for a computer engineer.

For more practice and leaning advanced features on grammar- since the English Course is taught for the last time this current academic year, some lessons on Tense Review are dediacted to help students learning the uses of each tense according to the given context and different situations which is very particular in English Language. Some advanced exercises are designed to level-up students’ knowledge in grammar and thus to improve their writing skills.  

In order to enhance the students’ professional speaking  skills, an idiom lesson is dedicated to learn some formal idiomatic expressions with their definitions to be used in workplace or professional writings.